Mobile Broadband: Internet Connection Anytime, Anywhere

  By Melgrace Abandula

Mobile Broadband: Internet Connection Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile broadband is the latest in Internet technology that lets you access the Internet through your laptop. It is excellent for people who are always up and about and on the go. Also called High Speed Down Link Packet Access (HSDPA), mobile broadband allows you to to do all your online activities whenever you like and wherever you are. You can get a mobile broadband Internet connection using a small and portable USB modem or a data card.

Also called a modem dongle, a USB modem is compatible with most home computer equipment and dispenses conveniently with wiring and mess. Simply plug the modem dongle into the USB port of your laptop and surf away. A data card, on the other hand, lets you slide the sim card from your Internet service provider into a bay on the card's side, which can be fitted into your laptop. Newer models of laptop computers come with a built-in plug for the data card, while older versions have an adapter in order to use it. You can get a good, standalone USB modem from manufacturers such as Belkin, Samsung and Sony.

Mobile broadband usually runs at about 2 Mbps, similar to speeds that you get from a home broadband Internet connection. Currently, the fastest connections are at about 7Mbps, fast enoug for heavy downloads and online games.

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a mobile broadband package. One is the price. Usually, when getting a mobile broadband connection you have to pay for the set-up fee as well as monthly charges. Some mobile broadband packages come with extra costs which cover out of bundle charges and overseas usage, so you may want to consider this.

Another thing you als
o need to consider is download speed, which is the maximum speed your mobile broadband service is capable of. 1.8 MB is the slowest possible maximum speed, similar to most home broadband connection speeds and is suitable for many users. Mobile broadband connection, however, has faster speeds, which is excellent for active Internet users or those who do heavy downloading.

In addition to the price and speed is download allowance. This is the amount of data that you can download to your computer from the Internet per month. Usually, most mobile broadband packages charge you on a pay as you go fee if you go over the allowable download limit per month. You may also be charged at different rates depending on your location, so you need to look out for this as well. Some mobile broadband servers provide a special package for people who are constantly on the go, thus saving them a good deal of money.

Three of the top mobile broadband service providers are T-mobile, 3 mobile and Vodafone. T-Mobile are cheaper and you can get its USB modems for free on any of its tariffs. Speed may not be as fast as its other competitors, with just below 2MB. However, its speed may be compared with a few home broadband services and should be fine for many users. On the other hand, 3Mobile is the only mobile broadband provider that offers monthly capped service. You can also avail of its pay-as you-go scheme, which allows flexibility on your end.

Meanwhile, Vodafone is considered as the fastest mobile broadband service provider in the market today, with speeds that can go as high as 7.2 MB on USB modem, Data card and Modem stick services.

There is just no stopping you from being connected to the Internet whenever you want and wherever you may be. With a mobile broadband connection, you can go farther.

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do i need to by the modem usb in one the electronic stores or the provider will send me one?

#2 Posted by john smith (guest) - Aug 9, 2010, 5:33 am Rating: ratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfullratingfull Unrated

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