A Review Of Vonage: Pros And Cons

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A Review Of Vonage: Pros And Cons

VoIP Communications have now become popular, allowing users to make and take phone calls utilizing the internet. Think about it. With VoIP, expensive long distance calls wouldn't be a problem, considering that the internet is already a network of interconnected computer systems, which are each respectively based on different locations in the world.

One would simply be utilizing an already established steady network, allowing for communication to prevail. Just as how email has revolutionized the way the world sends and receives mail, VoIP stands to revolutionize the way we make and take calls.

The Makings of VoIP

As the core principle behind VoIP is that of utilizing the net as the ˇ°line on which calls are made and taken, two of the most basic ingredients for VoIP Communications to prevail takes shape with an ADSL or Broadband Connection and acquiring the services of VoIP Providers.

Depending on the VoIP Provider, support coverage and all that, users could utilize either a soft phone, or computer software, or an actual VoIP Phone in making and/or taking calls. There are a number of VoIP Service Providers out there, connecting families and friends through the net, as well as allowing business transactions to take place. From Verizon to Comcast, one of the giants in the VoIP Service Provider arena is Vonage.

Talking About Vonage

A publicly held commercial VoIP Network and SIP company, Vonage is one of the leading names when it comes to VoIP Providers. With 2.4 millions of subscriber lines, Vonage has completed over 5 billion calls, all taking place through the net. Its name is actually a play on the phrase ˇ°voice-over-net-age and is labelled as the grandfather of internet phone services, if five years is grandfather enough to say so. Originally based in Edison, New Jersey, Vonage is now located in Holmdel,
New Jersey, and offers VoIP Services to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Up until recently, Vonage is known for being the largest VoIP Provider in the world, a title Comcast had taken from the company, which has bundled Internet Service and VoIP Support listed in its roster of offered services.

Vonage's offered services redefine how mass consumers view the services offered by VoIP Providers, in the sense that instead of VoIP being a ˇ°secondary phone line, with Vonage, it is suitable enough to make a VoIP Connection be the ˇ°primary phone line. But not all with Vonage is good, as there are certain ˇ°downsides associated to the VoIP Service Provider's offered list of features and benefits. It may be suitable enough to replace one's phone line, but this is only in terms of audio quality.

Vonage Pros and Cons

Because customers/subscribers are required to use ˇ°Vonage branded VoIP products, clarity is one thing Vonage is quite known for. A reliable QoS connection along with upload speed values of 30-90 kbit/s, are known to allow calls without lags or jitters, making Vonage's VoIP option somewhat a replacement to one's regular phone line.

But as clarity is one thing Vonage is known for, there are certain issues with it that leave many to think twice about cutting their regular phone lines.

Emergency services related concerns would be one of the most often frowned upon, as locations aren't that accurately displayed. With regular phone lines, this isn't that much of a concern. The operation of Fax machines would be another issue with Vonage lines, as there are known to be difficulties in using them with a Vonage line. Security systems are also known to act up, mostly to the non-wants of users. Also, TiVo connection issues are known to be with Vonage lines.

Bottom line, Vonage is good, but not perfect as how all other VoIP Providers are. As a secondary VoIP line, Vonage's offered services would be ample enough for one's VoIP Communication needs.
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